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2016 TLRA Rodeo
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20th Annual Texas Lineman's Rodeo


It’s that time of year again, school is out, graduations are over, the summer sun has returned in all its glory, which means it’s Rodeo time in South Texas. This is the 20th Annual Texas Lineman’s Rodeo, and we are excited about this year’s events planned for the utilities, the competitors, their families and co-workers.  Although it may be a little on the warm side for those not competing, the heat is no deterrence to the toughest linemen in the Nation.  This is a normal day at the office for them as they compete against teams and apprentices from around the state and make every effort to walk the stage as the best in Texas.

The electric utility linemen are an elite group who put their lives on the line every minute of every day to ensure the power continues to flow from the generators through the transmission lines, substations and distribution lines to make life comfortable and easy for those they serve.  In the entire world, lineworkers make up less than one-thousands of one percent (0.001) of the population.  That’s absolutely awesome that so few serve power and light to the entire planet.  The commitment to serve is unparalleled considering the hazards they face with every job and on every call. 

These Electron Warriors, yes, Warriors, risk their lives every time they put on their boots and climb into their trucks to go to work to construct, operate, maintain and troubleshoot a power grid that is unforgiving should a mistake be made.  The driving alone is hazardous enough, but when they get to the jobsite, the elements, distracted drivers, underground utilities, environmental conditions and the multitude of other factors compound the need to work safe.  The safety rules and procedures we comply with are many, but we know that each and every rule was written in blood, sweat and lots of tears.  Safety cannot be taken for granted, our families, utilities and co-workers depend upon us to be there for them.

The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo creates a venue for linemen to show how safe the job can be when the rules are followed. The Rodeo linemen tend to be the safest and most productive employees in the industry due to the weeks and months of preparation and practice they put in so they can compete against their peers in Seguin.  These linemen have to think about every aspect of the events, make constant adjustments, and work together like a well-oiled machine so they don’t make any mistakes while they complete the assigned events quicker than any other team.  They put safety at the forefront of their job and understand that perfection is only obtained through concentration, practice and teamwork.

We hope you enjoy your weekend at GBRA’s Nolte Island Park and that you take time to thank the sponsors, vendors and manufacturer/suppliers who make this Rodeo possible.  Also, please recognize the over 150 volunteers that put in so many hours in order for you to enjoy the Rodeo and all of the events.

May God Bless and Keep You and Your Families Safe,


The TLRA Board of Directors




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