22nd Annual Texas Lineman's Rodeo

Welcome to the 2018 Texas Lineman’s Rodeo. This will be our 22nd year of having this event and we look forward to changing a few things to make it more challenging for the competitors and more enjoyable for the families, utilities, vendors, sponsors and all attendees

Before we get into the upcoming Rodeo activities, we want to time to recognize two close friends and critically important members of the TLRA Board of Directors that recently retired from the Association. Gary Sedlacek and Terry Thornhill both were very involved from the beginning of the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo when it was under the TEEX flag and then the Texas Lineman Rodeo under the TEC flag. They were instrumental in the creation of the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association, Inc. back in December of 2005 and establishing this organization and building it into what it looks like today. Gary served as the Vice Chair and Chief Marketer for the Association and Terry served as Secretary and BBQ Chairman until their retirements in 2017. They both worked hundreds if not thousands of hours each year in making sure that the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo stayed focused on why we created this event. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude that we have for these two great members of the TLRA and they will be missed dearly. Although they have retired from the Board they both will continue to be a part of the TLRA family. We wish them both the very best in life and that God Blesses guides, guards, and protects them and grants them and their families a healthy and enjoyable retirement.

Now for 2018. This year the competitors will once again get what they’ve requested; mystery events. These mystery events will be for Apprentices and Journeymen teams alike. Before you ask what the events will be, we’ll tell you a little secret that a good friend used to tell me in Kansas City; “They can be anything under the moon and stars’. The one thing we can promise you is that they will separate “the men from the boys” or if we have linewomen competing, “the women from the girls”. Now, we will still have the usual Hurtman Rescue and Pole Climb events and we can’t have a Rodeo without the all time favorite, Apprentice Written Test. We hope that the venue we can put together this year will be better and more exciting than ever. Afterall, this rodeo is all about Linemen and Apprentices doing what they do best “Powering the World”.

As we say every year, this Rodeo would not be possible without the dedication, commitment, loyalty and support of all the Advisory Committee, volunteers, utilities, sponsors and vendors that spend time, effort and money to bring together the best Journeymen and Apprentices the world has ever seen to compete to be the “Best in Texas”.

Think Safety, Be Safe and we hope to see all of you at Nolte Island in July!

God Bless America, the Great State of Texas and those that bring power to her citizens

The TLRA Board of Directors

Below is a list of our Corporate Sponsors. Without these sponsors, we would not be able to have the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo each year. Please take a moment to thank these sponsors whenever you see them at your company or at the Rodeo.

Should you have any questions related to the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo, please contact one of our Board of Directors or a member of our Advisory Board. We do our best to make your experience at the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo a positive one. If you have any questions related to the documents located on this website or the website itself, please contact the Webmaster.

revised 3/15/18

Corporate Sponsors

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