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About the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association


The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association, Inc. (TLRA) is a non-profit organization created to offer lineworkers in the great State of Texas a way to showcase their pride in the profession of high voltage linework. The TLRA is an organization composed of volunteers devoted to the promotion of charitable, educational and electrical safety activities, including, but not limited to, the continued education of lineworkers, the encouragement of cost-reducing efficiency and proficiency methods in the work environment, building relationships of trust and teaching teamwork techniques, sharing of ideas to bring innovation to the industry and networking that will foster better working relationships between utilities.

The TLRA Board of Directors will oversee the administration of the Association and an Advisory Board will coordinate all events elected to be held by the Association. Each and every Director has a direct tie to an electric utility or manufacturer/supplier and is committed to the success of the TLRA. Numerous committees will be utilized to carry out the necessary tasks that will make the Association successful. The importance of lineworkers’ families will be a core value, as high voltage linework requires commitment not only from the lineworker, but also from the entire family of that lineworker.

The only source of revenue for the TLRA will be through tax deductible donations received throughout the year and at such events as the Annual Texas Lineman’s Rodeo. The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo is an open and unbiased competition that will allow electric utilities to showcase their employee’s talents in a fun, learning atmosphere where families and friends are always welcome.

It is a promise from the TLRA Board of Directors that any margins from the events will be held in an account controlled by the Association and the funds will be used to promote safe work practices in the electric utility industry and to create college scholarships for the dependents of participants in the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association. In addition, we will openly welcome any and all persons willing to assist in the success of the Association.

The TLRA will have several levels of sponsorships available for utilities, manufacturer/suppliers, individuals and other interested parties to assist in financing the activities that will solely be used for the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo, the TLRA scholarship fund and any other event that promotes electrical education and safety.

In order to keep costs low and to provide the absolute best service to our supporters, all documents for the TLRA functions will be posted on the official TLRA website at

The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo has continued to grow and evolve in the last ten years and we humbly ask for your support for the newly formed Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association and the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo. Let’s work together to make a difference in the electric utility industry in Texas.

Attached is the information on the TLRA Board of Directors. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Plan now to join us in Seguin, Texas July 18-20, 2024.

Sincerely yours,

Board of Directors,
Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association, Inc.