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Our goal at the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo is to be fair and consistent in judging all events. If you were ever a qualified practicing, working lineman you are eligible to be a judge. When you volunteer to be a judge you are required to attend all Judges Meetings and the tool inspections on Friday before the Rodeo. In these meetings each event is reviewed and final instructions are given so that our judging can be fair and consistent. If you do not attend the meetings, you will be assigned a non-judging task, such as timekeeping and assisting Rodeo staff. 

The journeyman teams and apprentices participating in the Rodeo should have spent many hours preparing to compete and deserve dedicated judges interested in fair and consistent judging. 

Please review the following items of what is expected and needed to be a judge: 

1. Person has experience in high voltage electrical utilities. 

2. Person has supervised others in electric utilities. 

3. If no supervisory experience, then person has competed in a past Texas Lineman’s Rodeo(s). 

4. Must attend the judges meeting and the Tool Inspections on Friday prior to the Rodeo. 

5. Wear hardhat and safety glasses 

6. TLRA prefers long pants, but will allow judges to wear shorts. 

7. TLRA prefers judges to wear hard sole shoes; but tennis shoes will be allowed. No open toed shoes will be allowed. 

8. TLRA will furnish clipboards, pens and stop watches for events to Chief Judges. All stop watches will be synchronized and shall be returned to the Chief Judge when the event is finished for the day. 

9. Rain gear is an option each judge should consider. 

10. Did not attend any advisory committee or chief judge’s meetings where planning, rules and events for the 2024 Rodeo were discussed. 

***Remember, we all lead by example and that means we must follow safe work procedures and safety rules. Judges will receive a TLRA Shirt and Cap to be worn during judging at the rodeo. 

We need and welcome judges and assistants from all participating companies. 

Please use the Judges Registration form to volunteer for judging. Thank you for your support!

Download the pdfs for more information about judging below.

Judges Documents Library

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