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Behind every successful event, there is an army of dedicated individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes. The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association and the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo are no exceptions. From organizing the events to ensuring the smooth operation of every aspect, volunteers play a crucial role in making these events a resounding success. Without the selfless contributions of these volunteers, these remarkable gatherings celebrating the incredible skill and dedication of linemen would not be possible. Join us in recognizing the importance of volunteers and discover how you can be a part of this extraordinary journey.

The Backbone of the Rodeo:
The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo requires a diverse range of volunteers to fulfill various roles. Whether you’re an events assistant, an event timekeeper, or an individual providing assistance in the hurtman rescue, your contribution will make a significant impact. Each position plays a vital part in ensuring the smooth flow of the rodeo, creating an environment where linemen can showcase their talents and skills.

The Roles We Need You For:
1. Assistants for Events: Be the helping hand linemen rely on during the various rodeo events. Your assistance will ensure everything runs smoothly, allowing participants to focus on their performances.

2. Event Time Keepers: Help keep the rodeo events on track by meticulously recording and managing time, guaranteeing fair and accurate results.

3. Assistance for Hurtman Rescue: Linemen face challenging situations that require rapid response and skilled assistance. By joining the hurtman rescue team, you’ll provide crucial support during simulated emergency scenarios.

4. Assistance in Staging Area: Ensure that participants are well-prepared and organized before their performances. Your role in the staging area will contribute to the overall efficiency of the rodeo.

5. Parking Attendants: Create a seamless experience for attendees by managing parking areas, guiding vehicles, and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic.

6. Golf Tournament: Help coordinate and manage the golf tournament, providing support to participants and ensuring a memorable experience for all.

7. Registration Assistance: Be the friendly face that greets and registers participants, making them feel welcome and ensuring a hassle-free registration process.

8. Greeters: Extend a warm welcome to attendees, answering questions and providing guidance to enhance their overall rodeo experience.

9. Volunteers to Help Clean Up: After the exhilaration of the rodeo, assist in tidying up the venue, ensuring it’s left in pristine condition.

The Impact of Your Contribution:
By volunteering your time and skills, you become an essential part of the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo family. Your dedication directly contributes to the success and smooth operation of these remarkable events. Beyond the satisfaction of knowing you played a crucial role, volunteering offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, forge new friendships, and be part of a community passionate about honoring the invaluable work of linemen.

How to Get Involved:
If you’re inspired to join this extraordinary endeavor, becoming a volunteer is as simple as expressing your interest. Visit the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association’s Volunteers Page or reach out to the organizers directly to inquire about volunteer opportunities. Regardless of your background or experience, there is a role that suits your skills and interests. Embrace this chance to contribute to an unforgettable experience and make a lasting impact.

The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association and the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo rely on the invaluable contributions of dedicated volunteers to bring these extraordinary events to life. From the officials and judges to the event coordinators and parking attendants, each volunteer plays a crucial role in ensuring the rodeo’s success. By becoming a volunteer, you have the power to contribute to the legacy of the rode

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