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Volunteers Needed

Without Volunteers the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association and the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo could not exist. All the Rodeo officials, registration personel, judges, event coordinators and even the webmaster are volunteers. We need people that can provide assistance in many rolls at the Rodeo Event. Will you give your time to help make this event a success?

We need:

◾Assistants for Events
◾Event Time Keepers
◾Assistance for Hurtman Rescue
◾Assistance in Staging Area
◾Parking Attendants
◾Golf Tournament
◾Registration Assistance
◾Volunteers to help clean up after the Rodeo Event

If you would like to Volunteer, please sign up using the form below.

Volunteer Annual Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo can only be successful with volunteers for the events. Please fill out the form below to assist where and when needed at the rodeo. We need Timers, Assistance at Hurtman Rescue, Assistance in Staging Areas, etc… If you have questions, please contact Amanda Carnes at Please fill out the registration below.
Utility Street Address(Required)

Volunteer Information


Event Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the TLRA! Please select all the volunteer types that you are interested in helping with from the list below. Please note that while we will do our best to accommodate your preferences, most positions will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Thursday July 18 Volunteer Options

Thursday July 18

Friday July 19 Volunteer Options

Friday July 19

Saturday July 20 Volunteer Options

Saturday July 20

Sunday July 21 Volunteer Options

Sunday July 21
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